Who we are


Powered by positivity, punk rock, and a voracious love of pizza, Pizza Supreme Being is a pop-up pizzeria run by Ben Roberts in beautiful Sacramento, CA.  

Using fresh, flavorful ingredients, locally harvested wood and a mobile wood-fired oven (which he calls Olive), Ben creates simple, satisfying pies, each one hand tossed and cooked before your eyes.



How all it started


Ben cut his culinary teeth at the age of 19, learning, laughing and falling in love with the craft at a handful of respected Sacramento restaurants. After 10 years in the industry, gaining confidence and creativity along the way, he was ready for his next challenge.

Ever-excited by the prospect of pizza—simple and satisfying with an undercurrent of fun—Ben set out to to open his own pop-up pizza shop. And in 2015, Pizza Supreme Being was born. His wife, Pembe, helps run the show and can be found hand-delivering pies at a pizza party near you.



What makes our pies special


Pizza Supreme Being is dedicated to bright flavors, fresh preparation and careful sourcing. 

We use the best ingredients we can get our hands on, including Giusto’s 00 high protein flour, Maldon sea salt, Cobram Estates olive oil (Woodland), Lienherts wildflower honey (Sacramento), Molinari pepperoni (San Francisco), Bianco Dinapoli tomatoes (Los Gatos) and produce from nearby farms.

Hand-mixed and scratch-made, PSB’s dough is unique and delicious in its own right. 24-hour fermentation yields a unique, lightly sour flavor, and a dose of local wildflower honey adds extra life to each batch.


Our pizzas are made to order—hand-stretched, topped and baked before your eyes. We harvest wood from fallen oak trees in Northern California, hand-chopping it into mini-logs to fuel the fire. Thanks to the power and beauty of wood-fire cooking, PSB’s pies come out bubbly and crisp in just under two minutes.


The Oven

Olive the oven was built in 2015 by a local craftsman in Newcastle, California. Ben picked out the gold tile you see on the front. Over the past few years, Olive has traveled thousands of miles and has the bumps and bruises to prove it. We love her more each day!


What inspires us

At the heart of Ben’s work are nostalgia, simplicity and a desire to make people smile. 

A long-time lover of punk music, Ben is inspired by the uncontainable energy of musical innovators like Fugazi and Black Flag. 


As Ben puts it, “One of my favorite  things about going to shows is waking up to my ears still ringing—that token of a fun night spent doing what you love. I like to think our pizza leaves that same ringing: a reminder that'll make you smile. Make you want to come back for more.”


His musical leanings show up in everything from his cooking style—fun, fast-paced and off the cuff—to the made-for-laughs Instagram he runs with his brother, featuring reimagined record covers and tweaked vintage photos.



In operation since August 2015, PSB has catered dozens of private parties, pop-ups and community events. 


From company picnics and holiday parties to birthday celebrations and wedding receptions, we partner with businesses and individuals to create fun, memorable and delicious events. 


We're committed to spreading positivity and sharing great pies—we’d love to help you with your next luncheon, special event or celebration. Join us soon to “Smile. Have Fun. Eat Pizza.”