Nostalgia: Pepperoni Then and Now





It all started at a round table. 

Can you see it?

The greasy smudge on a joystick in the sectioned-off arcade. Soccer trophies lined up. 90's kids in cotton shorts and no fear shirts. 

At round table you could count on two things: super cold iced coke and crispy pepperoni cups. If you grew up in Northern California, you know what I'm talking about. 

That's where it all started, my love for pizza (and probably yours too)--but especially pepperoni. Crispy-edged quarter-sized, greasy but crunchy.

One day you grow up. Branch out. Find a wonderful world beyond round table. But you still have a soft spot for that first love.

So when I started PSB, I knew I had to have them. Those crispy cups from the gods we all know and love. To keep the good, greasy times alive.  And bask in our shared nostalgia.

PSB's ronis are a little more grown up. 10" sticks out of a San Francisco company called Molinari that we slice fresh. A mix of beef and pork for bite and flavor.

But the shape they take when baked to perfection? The spicy fatty pork delight? All that's still just as you remember it.

Nostalgia. How lucky am I to incorporate it into my work.

Hope to see you soon to share a slice. Tell me about the bowl cut you hated or the pump up reeboks you ran to death. I'll rap about my Pokémon card collection, which may or may not still exist.

Until then, smile have fun eat pizza, pizza heads!