tips on baking pizza in a home oven.

eletric oven.png

Electric Home Oven

I remember when I was moving into an apartment and being so bummed that it had electric appliances, I guess I was just a naive young chef. This was the apartment is where I really perfected my pizza making.

What you are going to do is set your oven to bake (the hottest your oven will go!) and you’ll put your stone on the lowest rack in your oven and let preheat all day...seriously all day. It is very important that you heat your pizza stone all the way through, this is what will cook the bottom of your pizza and will determine the crispness of your crust.

After you have heated your stone through as well as your entire apartment/home, you will get some oven mitts on and move your stone (yes you are moving a 500+ degree stone with your hands, nobody said this is going to be easy or safe.) to the top rack under the broiler. Turn on your broiler on high and your oven is ready to go. Assemble your pizza and fire away.

Attention- You will not be shutting your oven door and your pizza should cook in 3 mins or so. Please make sure your cats/children/dogs/or any elders are far away from you and your work space.


Gas Home Oven

If you are like me and you have a gas oven, you are screwed for making traditional round pizza at home. (Unless your broiler is located at the top of your oven...which try the same methods as the electric home oven) I have found that focaccia pizza (square pizza) is the way to go. Broiler drawers are your worst nightmare!

For focaccia pizza I mix my dough and put it on a heavily oiled pan or in a casserole dish, wrap it and let it sit on the counter for 18-24 hours.

Heat oven to 475 degrees and build your pizza backwards cheese first then sauce the whatever else you want to throw on it. Clams, sausage, veggies etc. and bake until done.

Good luck.

Smart Oven Pizzaiolo

After many moves, many ovens and running a wood fired pizza catering company, I have treated myself to a counter top Breville Smart oven Pizzaiolo…(also as stated above I have bought a house with the worst home oven to cook pizza.) I love this little oven, preheating only takes 20 mins vs ALL DAY. Pizzas cook in 2 minutes with out having to turn the pizza. I can take it to friends and families houses. When cooking I don’t have to worry about my cat jumping in the oven or my uncareful dad tripping on the oven door, while the door is open. But best of all it will save on your utility bill.

I would recommend the Breville Smart Oven Pizzaiolo to any professional cook or home cook that enjoys cooking all styles of pizza (Pan pizza, New York pizza, Frozen pizza, and even “Wood Fired” Pizza)…No pizzas are left out.

Thank you for reading and I hope this helps.

Ben Roberts