What Makes Our Pizzas Special: Ingredients, Experience + Technique

 Marherita pizza with oliv

Special pizza made specially for you

From the flour we choose to the oven we use, PSB pizza is a whole lot of special made specially for you. Here are a few of the things we love most about making it.

Carefully sourced ingredients

We want to give you the best pizza possible. And that starts with stellar ingredients. Here are a few craft ingredients you can expect in your next PSB pizza:

  • Giusto’s 00 high protein flour

  • Maldon sea salt

  • Cobram Estates olive oil (Woodland)

  • Organic agave

  • Molinari pepperoni (San Francisco)

  • Bianco Dinapoli tomatoes (Los Gatos)

  • Produce from nearby farms (like greens from Del Rio Botanicals)

Dough made the slow way

Hand-mixed and scratch-made, PSB’s dough is unique and delicious in its own right. 24-hour fermentation yields great texture and a nuanced, lightly sour flavor. We add agave to each batch for extra life and golden color. We use a mix of high protein 00 flour and red whole wheat flour from Nevada City.

On-site cooking and live fire

Our pizzas are made to order—hand-stretched, topped and baked before your eyes. We harvest wood from fallen oak trees in Northern California, hand-chopping it into mini-logs to fuel the fire. 

Thanks to the power and beauty of wood-fire cooking, PSB’s pies come out bubbly and crisp in just under two minutes.

Seasoned wood-burning oven

Olive the oven was built in 2015 by a local craftsman in Newcastle, California. Ben picked out the gold tile you see on the front.

When we first got Olive, it took several days and lots of low-burning fires to season the cooking surface and walls. Now she cooks like an old pro. Olive can reach temperatures of up to 900 degrees, which means your pizza is bubbly and crips in no time at all.

Olive has traveled thousands of miles and has the bumps and bruises to prove it. We love her more each day!